Welcome To the Grad 1984 40 YEAR Reunion!

Help Us Find OUR Missing Grads

Review the list below – if you see someone you know and can connect us with them, please click the black button on the side and fill out the form.
If you see your name – please let us know by Clicking the Update Button.

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First NameLast NameFamily Name
Hank Aarsen
Ned Alexis
Krista Allon-Frasz
Donna Anderson
Kathy Anderson
Tracy Andretta
Lynn Arcand
Loree Archer
Joanne Ardell
John Arih
Mike Atkins
Karen Babiuk
Kevin Banks
John Barber
Corey Barlow
Bill Baron
Curtis Beach
Kathryn Bean Lellman
April Beaton Jackson
Rob Beauchamp
John Benneke
Chris Bennett
Pat Bergmann
Kim Billick
Shelley Bird Stefiuk
Tony Bjarnason
Bruce Blades
Joe Bogan
Yvonne Bohme
Sam Boone Zahara
Peter Borlase
David Bowers
Mark Bradt
Dwayne Brandt
Kamaljit Brar
Larry Breuckner
Jennifer Brewer Lewis
Jerome Briat
Valerie Briggs Poppleton
Nora Brittain
Eric Buchstein
Nadene Buksa-Coles
April Burma
Dmitry Burmatoff
Melody Burnett
Jennifer Burnham Dushku
Chris Burnham
Leslie Caddock
Bob Calder
Sheila Campbell

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